Data Systems
Ametrika is a project created by 3 students of computer science in their spare time. The goal was to use our knowledge of data collection and analytics technologies to collect information about businesses from public sources and put them into an online directory.
For this project we used the following technologies:
  • Data Collection: Java
  • Analytics: Hadoop, Apache Spark
  • Data Visualization: Octoboard
  • Website: JavaScript
  • Automated Reporting: Octoboard
Since project launch, we received a lot of interest from businesses who wanted to market their products using our email service. If you or your company would like to advertise with AMETRIKA - feel free to contact us.
If you have any questions or comments, please write to us using our email.
We collect and build metrics. Ametrika sounded like a cool name. We wish we could have it with a C but AMETRICA.COM was not available.